BTU #135 – Data- A look at Veterans at Top 10 Consulting Firms (Original Data Analysis)

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In episode #133, I dove into original data about how veterans manage to secure a job at the top rated Management Consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. Today, I take this 100 steps further by analyzing data about how veterans enter into a top 10 consulting firm. I look at salary information, as well as how branch of service, length of military service, and length of civilian work experience all impact your future career as a consultant.

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This lists the top 10 Management Consulting Firms: “The Most Prestigious Consulting Firms” McKinsey & Company Boston Consulting Group Bain and Company Deloitte Booz Allen Hamilton Price Waterhouse Cooper Ernst & Young Accenture KPMG IBM Global Business Services Transcript & Time Stamps: 

For this episode I looked at 4,300 LinkedIn Profiles. This includes people who served in the United States Armed Forces, and then worked at some time at one of the top ten Management Consulting Firms as defined by Forbes. We’re going to look at a tremendous amount of data – how long people serve in the military, how long they work prior to consulting, how this affects which consulting firm they work with and at what level.

At the end of this we’re going to get into a lot of salary information. So I always want to provide a disclaimer at the start that there are SO many factors that go into selecting a career – location, fit, community, opportunity for advancement, fulfillment, and work life balance just to name a few. And yes, salary is one of those factors. It is the simplest for me to quantify, so I think it is worth discussing. However, my intention in going through this data is simply to provide you – the veteran community – with more information so that you can make the unique decision that is right for you and for your family. If you have not listened to the first episode in this series – I recommend you check that out. It’s not necessary to listen to that prior to this, but it has other great data relevant to veterans interested in consutling.

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Ok – so let’s dive in – to some data

Agenda We’ll start by looking at the firms – by total number of veterans – where folks end up Second, we’ll look at the breakdown by branch of service – what that indicates about where veterans end up Third, we will look at time in service – how that impacts one’s career in consulting Fourth, we will look at civilian work experience, and how that affects where one ends up And lastly, we’ll look at titles – which titles veterans tend to gravitate towards at each specific firm If you are interested in how I assembled this data, post in the show notes – i do not want to bore you here But special thanks to mTurk – people who for $0.05 a task, helped me assemble and analyze this data. They save me hundreds of hours, and also cost me hundreds of dollars But it’s very likely that money would have…