Hot Franchises in 2022 [5 Step Buying Guide]

Do you want to buy a hot franchise in the new year? Here’s your 5 step buying guide to investing in a HOT franchise in 2022!

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00:00 – So, you want to buy a hot franchise in the new year? Here’s your 5 step exploratory guide to franchise investment.

00:25 #5 – Commit yourself to starting and completing your due diligence process within 1–2 months
The longer your due diligence process goes on, the harder it’s going to be to say yes. When you get to that discovery day, you’ve been offered the opportunity to move forward. It is no longer time to continue asking questions and think about it. It’s time to say yes and commit yourself to that decision.

1:20 #4 – Validate the business opportunity with franchisees
One of the greatest advantages to investing in a franchise is there is a network of franchisees that you can reach out to who’ve gone before you, have what you want, and can tell you how much money and how long it took them to build a positively cash-flowing business. This validation process is one of the greatest advantages to investing in a franchise over buying a private business for sale.

1:58 #3 – Avoid hobbies, trends, and brands—instead, invest in leadership
The number one reason to invest in a franchise is to partner yourself with people who you believe in, who you get to know, like, and trust during your due diligence process. You are buying the franchise not for where it is today but for where it is going. So, find a leadership team with a vision that inspires you.

2:35 #2 – Create a vision for your future
Select a business that aligns with who you want to become personally, professionally, and financially. Set big, clear, and specific goals for what you want to achieve. Find a business that has the potential to scale so that you can live the life of your dreams through this investment.

3:01 #1 – Work with an experienced franchise consultant, like The Daly Coach
The number one piece of advice that I can give to you for how to buy a hot franchise in the new year is to find an experienced franchise consultant like The Daly Coach, where you can leverage experience, relationships, and knowledge of the franchise investigation process so that you can be sure to invest in a proven leadership team.

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