How to Write a TV Show Treatment (with Examples) — TV Writing & Development: Ep1

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We’re in a golden age of television.

More and more people are flocking to the small screen to find daily entertainment. So how can you break put from the pack and get your idea onto the small screen? We’re here to help.

Whether or not you’re a professional writer, or starting your first outline, this screenwriting tips series will help you brainstorm and create an exciting story that’s marketable and relevant in the golden age of television.

The appetite for great television has never been higher than it is right now. People are finding shows that connect with them on networks, cable, and digital platforms.

With all these shows, it can be hard to get your idea to stand out. You can’t only have an idea, you need a script, a bible, a pitch, and it has to look and feel professional.

In this series, we’ll take you through the entire process, from ideation to completion. Each episode will zero in on specific screenwriting tips and screenwriting techniques that can help you on your journey to become a professional writer.

Regardless of your intention to move to Hollywood, win a screenwriting contest, or just write something you’ll produce yourself, these methods will push you to become the best writer you can be and have it reflect on the page.

Music used:
“Sweet Like Candy” by Uppeach
“Strolling in the City” by Jo Masino
“Grit ‘N’ Dirt” by Fillmore
“Crimson Sky” by Stanley Gurvich

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