The Best FREE Website Builders… And The Worst

Square Online —
Webflow —
Carrd —

Google Sites —
Ucraft —
Webnode —

Wix —
GoDaddy —
Strikingly — —

00:00 — Overview
00:54 — Square Online
02:17 — Webflow
03:45 — Carrd
04:14 — Google Sites
05:50 — Ucraft
06:22 — Webnode
06:50 — Wix
07:11 — GoDaddy
07:20 — Strikingly
07:27 —
07:28 — Conclusion

So here’s the truth: most companies don’t want to give you something for free.

Crazy, right?

There are definitely free website builders but they often put limitations on free websites that are designed to get you to upgrade.

This video is a rapid tour of the top free website builders. I tell which ones are great and which ones probably aren’t worth your time.

Square online is my highest recommendation— it has plenty of features and a small ad.

Webflow has a learning curve but is an outstanding custom design tool. They include a small ad on free websites.

Carrd has a really, really small ad on free websites and is for one page websites.

Google Sites has a small ad and lets you connect a custom domain name. Unfortunately it lacks style customization.

Webnode is great but it has a bandwidth limitation.

Ucraft, Strikingly,, GoDaddy and Wix all have large ads— too large for me to recommend.

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