United Airlines 787-10 Polaris Business Class Review

United Airlines 787-10 was my first ever flight on a 787-10, the largest variant in the Boeing 787 family. My United Airlines 787-10 flight was from Newark to Frankfurt on one of the busiest travel days of the year, the day before Thanksgiving.

In this video, we’ll explore the amazing Polaris Service on the United Airlines 787-10. But first, we’ll check out Newark’s Polaris Lounge with its extensive seating, unbeatable ramp views, and delicious food (including a Thanksgiving Feast!). We’ll also have a thorough review of the United Airlines 787-10’s seat, inflight entertainment, food, and service. I’ll even give the whole experience a “JebScore!”

Unfortunately, our United Airlines 787-10 flight was delayed in Newark by five hours, so we’ll talk about that experience and how it could have been better. Delays are inevitable in travel, the real test of an airline is how they handle them. I’ll offer a bit of…constructive feedback to United Airlines.

How do you think United Airlines did? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Here’s a link to the unedited takeoff and landing from this flight:

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