Who Has The Best Painting Franchise

Who Has the Best Painting Franchise? Data You Must See
Painting franchises very greatly in the size of the territory, length of training, royalties and other fees and initial start-up cost. Do not be fooled with low start-up costs listed either. Some franchises give artificially low allowances and franchisees could find themselves scrambling for additional money. The video looks each painting franchise FDD and compares each in four important categories.
Territory size
Fees attached to gross sales
Initial start-up cost.

Before you quit your job and spend $100,000 or more on a painting franchise, shouldn’t you know which one is the best?
It’s a great question, and you deserve the right to know before you invest your savings.

If you have been looking at investing in a painting franchise, you have probably asked:

After royalties and other fees, can I make enough money?

I will break-down seven painting franchisors’ data straight from their own FDD, so we compare apples to apples.

If you are not familiar with Franchise Disclosure Documents or FDD, let me explain.
All franchisors have them, and they spell out all the terms and conditions.
FDDS are all laid out in the same order, so it’s easier to find and compare. For example, all FDD’s will have information on royalties and other fees attached to gross sales in ITEM 6.

The Franchises that are being compared include
Color World House Painting
Fresh Coat
Five Star
Wow Painting
Klappenberger & Son
360 Painting

Each Franchise is carefully analyzed and the results are truly jaw-dropping.