Working with a Staffing Firm & MSP

ASK LEE: How do staffing agencies work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), and what’s a VMS?

Short Answer, below. Long answer on the video. Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

MSP = Managed Service Provider. A company that aggregates all staffing providers under one program to help manage and control requirements, spend and providers. Excessive spending (waste) and lack of accountability gave birth to the MSP solution.

VMS = Vendor Management System. The tool used by an MSP to manage the requirements between the staffing agencies and end-users (the company client) and provide reporting data.

The candidate can ask how they’re being presented to the client company, but it’s not necessarily important unless you:

A. Don’t have a relationship with the recruiter or the company, or
B. Don’t know anything about the job or what defines a successful candidate

In the end, the candidate can opt-out of being submitted, regardless of the process.